Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I have not researched anything today.
I have not produced a report, or found
any evidence to support one thing
that might be thought to be of use at all.

I have mused a lot, and read history
all morning on the couch. I’ve thought about
the recent US elections and the
shadow they cast upon the world. Felt gloom

at the venal natures that are drawn to
power, the ubiquity of corrupt
dishonest men (it’s usually men)
who, grasping, scrabble for the golden keys.

Trump, Duterte, Le Pen, Hanson, Wilders.
This is a roll call of rats who would eat
the body politic that lies rotting
and exhausted in the West’s twilight years.

I wonder if you’ve noticed we’re dying?
I wonder if you’ve seen the climate maps
that chart our giddy course towards the end?
I wonder if you care? Our rulers don’t.

I’ve been doing fieldwork on them. Fine words
they utter. Agreements they sign. Targets
they set. But still the coal trains crawl daily
over these Blue Mountains without pause. Coal!

I thought it was dead, or on the way out.
But the pace of change, they tell us, is slow.
Disrupting technologies take their time
to filter through and communities die

if things are rushed. It’s true. But the whole world
is on the brink, our contested future
hangs, as it always does, on decisions
people make. We’re in for a rough ride, then.

I found an article the other day.
People are banding together to make
a social enterprise to generate
solar power, claim local ownership

of their energy needs. It gives me hope.
We are not powerless. The budding shoot
is there to nurture. Standing on my ground
I reach out my hand to yours. We can live.

20 November 2016

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