Friday, February 14, 2014

The Next Act

I don't have any grandchildren yet, they aren't even
on the horizon, but I've been watching my son lately
as he prepares to go back to school in his late twenties
to follow his first love: acting. He's choosing student life again -
the rigours of penury accompanying the rigours of training.

He's turned up at the door of a house that's welcomed him in.
He's brought his young experience to bear on charting a course.
Restless, able, he knows enough of loss to leaven vanity.
I love him for this and know, like a shadow,
that if my hand had been surer I would not be witnessing this.

He tells me on the phone he is ready. And as I embark on
my own teaching again I remember a younger man
whose driven passion stormed the skies like a god
destined to fall. Father and son, it is with clear hearts
that we walk onto the stage and begin. The air crackles.

13 February 2014

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