Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Civilised Mob

Like a civilised mob
we stand on the shore and turn the boats away.
"Do not come here. There is no place for you."

Majority rules. The restless crowd
has voted its will and that is how we organise
the cruel shape of fairness. The law sings

implacably, while we hide
our faces behind the mask of 'due process',
no longer even bothering to discuss right and wrong.

We keep our island safe,
but the simple, daily, festering prejudice
enshrined in statute rots our compact.

We get the politicians
we deserve. And in this issue, we see
ourselves truly reflected. The bigot

walks large in our land.
Somewhere off the coast a small boat,
filled with the desperate, tilts and flounders.

29 October 2013

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