Monday, November 12, 2012

Do We Have Enough For Lunch?

She's dressed in dirty gingham and sandals
and stands, hands pocketed, in roadside dust
that clings to her like the very tiredness
she feels after days walking. She doesn't trust

anyone. Her eyes know the hardness of life,
but know, too, the power of a guileless smile.
She uses it now, on the young man whose approach
she's been carefully watching. Weighed, assessed,

the exact right tone stops him in his tracks
as he is played into her confidence with ease.
They talk briefly. He reaches into his pocket
and withdraws a handful of coins. She smiles again

and takes a soft leather pouch from her bra.
She holds his gaze, and he knows he will go with her
for as long as she lets him. She leads the way
and they move off together in their brief alliance.

He doesn't know, yet, the pain this will cause.

7 November 2012

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