Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Just Yes

You walk with a shard of glass in your heart
asking permission of the land to proceed.
You are as ancient as it is, and are able to see
the guardians, carved out of rock, living.

Earth talks. Rock sings. The trees throw their voices
all around us and we, too, know ourselves to be old.
We have a track to follow, but you are shedding skins
and each step is an agony of emergence. A stripping.

We see no birds that day, just one small tree snake;
and the sharp wind buffets. But all the time
you are talking with Spirit, somehow guiding us,
even though you stumble, in the ways of awareness.

When we get to the end, and you are silhouetted
against the sky, even the clouds pause, and I understand
how the world can lean in and tell you things;
and the stories we need to hear abound.

You stand, now, like you did on that cliff, with only
edges around you. You will not stop wrestling.
And disordered time, with all its voices, it's true spirit,
will thrust it's change upon you. You will simply answer yes.

2 October 2012

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