Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On Commas

Well, you just have to pause, think
breathing space, subordinate clause, emphasis
which, stopping the flow, reinforces the point,
or teases it out, further, like a looping ball
thrown casually, and drifting a little
before it lands. In the rush of our daily sentences
these tiny hooks give definition, artfully shape
meaning: lead, direct, regulate our pace and rhythm
like little policemen, or guides, who, knowing the terrain,
can lead us safely through contiguous words
thrown anyhow, and out the other side.

We are all grammarians, and in finding our way
use the surveyor's marks the language provides -

take pause, reflect, move on, and fly...

30 October 2011


  1. Beautiful words Peter...
    Here is the blog I recently started: http://simplersjoy.wordpress.com/
    And here are two from Hank Edson who I mentioned: http://worldwhereilive.squarespace.com/