Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Emily Dickinson Road To Publication

Finding courage somewhere
you sent some poems off,
only to get them back
with stern advice

about your "rough rythmns"
and "imperfect rhymes".
Were you standing by the window
as you read these lines?

Could you see your beloved?
You never tried again,
but the words never stopped
till they shrouded your head.

Then the world found your voice
and out of that tiny room
where you wrote, delicate gem
after delicate gem floated off.

Now, part of the canon,
your reputation is assured,
and as I sit here, scribbling,
unpublished, I'm reassured.

Not that I'll be famous one day,
but that what counts is the writing.
Lifted off the skin of my soul
the words mould a meaning for me

and declare my blood to the world.
I think you were probably small,
but no matter, your voice has been heard.
I'll turn the page, now, then stop.

10 Sept 08

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